Every year, Catholic Filipinos observe the Holy Week Celebration, almost everyone celebrate it doing the same traditions, like the Pabasa (Pasyon), of course Fasting and Abstinence as form of sacrifices, Self-Flagellation (penitensya) for those people who vowed to do this ritual evrey holy week in exchange for answered prayers, forgiveness or better health, there would always be the procession of religious images, and lastly the “Salubong.”

In our place in Navotas, people visit the Black Nazarene in this little chapel most commonly known as the “Mahal na Senyor”. People from even far places come to fall in line (mind you it’s really long) just to touch and get a glimpse of the Black Nazarene. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fall in line and took pictures of it so I just took shots of the procession.

(San Ildefonso)

(on its destination, the Chapel of  the Mahal na Senyor)

(The Black Nazarene “Mahal na Senyor”)

(a closer view)

(Our Lady of Fatima)

Hope everyone had a blessed Holy Week! :)


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