It has been our barkada tradition to get together either every Holy Week or Christmas Season. Last Maundy Thursday we had a get together on the same place where we normally hang out ever since we were kids.. :)

Louie with yours truly ☺


enjoying randomness ♥

sleepy-mac! hahaha!! :))

the victim: Louie!!

wacky “class” picture



same like before ♥♥♥

its really fun hanging out with theses guys. we’ve been friends since i don’t know when!!! it’s a good laugh when we talk about our silliness, our “katarantaduhan” when we were younger. hahaha!! there has been a lot of catching up, and it consumed most of our time (aside form the endless laughing that we had). one already has a kid, one is finally graduating from college, the others are contented with what they have at the moment. 

and then, Alvin took more photos of me.. hahaha.. i love all his shots of me teehee.. :D (but I edited them on my phone)


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