for the celebration of our 35th month, my dadi treated me to 3 days of enjoyment, relaxation and pampering. last april 25 we watched the blocked screening of THE AVENGERS in 3D at the Newport Cinemas in Resorts World Manila. we first ate lunch at Crisostomo’s located on the second floor before acquiring our tickets. i was so tired that day that we weren’t able to take pictures of the event. on the 26th, he treated me to shopping. we went to The Ramp Crossings in Glorietta 3 and he bought me 2 items, my new Cole Vintage bag and oxfords with a twist *wink in Tonic.. (how spoiled can I get?) he did buy something for himself too..new set of underwear and 5 pairs of socks..teehee.. :D. i also had a haircut at Bench Fix Glorietta 4! just had some layers and….the bangs are back!!! i’ll show you guys the result in another post.. to end this very busy day, we had a relaxing massage at Montalbo Hut located in Parksquare..ahhhhhh..its a perfect way to relieve all the stress that i had from the past months! my dadi even fell asleep and snored through the service..hahaha!! and lastly on the 27th i had my nails done in Nail It! located in Glorietta 3. it is my first time to try their service here and its pretty good! i took their package 1, mani/pedi and foot spa for p550. the people are very efficient and friendly! i really like the service that they’re giving the customers! i’m definitely going back here! you guys might be wondering, like what day really is our 35th month. just to let you know it is the 28th. we celebrated it early because i will be coming back to work at the dawn of sunday.

well this blog post won’t have any pictures..hehehe..all pictures from seperate event will be posted in different posts..so wait for it!



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