happy 35th!!♥

usually, we give gifts to those people who are dear to us, and to those who gave meaning to our lives. typically there is an element of surprise every time you give a person a gift; obviously because he/she would not know what’s in store for them beneath those wrappers.

as our 35th month came, my boyfriend decided to give me a gift. but his gift-giving scheme is the weirdest of all. every time he would be giving me gifts, he wanted me to buy it with him! nice eh? hahaha.. so anyway, we went to the ramp, crossings located in glorietta 3 to splurge me with 2 items, a bag, and a pair of shoes. :)

so, without further ado, here’s the ones that we bought.

first, we looked for a bag. since  my old bag is due for retirement, a new bag is a necessity. he found this gray/red cole vintage satchel bag, that is big enough for my taste and big enough to put all my things in. this satchel bag isn’t the typical satchels from what we have seen. it is a new design from cole vintage which is just shipped on that day and there are only 2 pieces available for sale. talk about exclusivity! this bag is perfect for me, aside from one thing, it lacks interior pockets. i like bags with lotsa compartments because it had been a habit to snuck “abubots” into my bag. all of those said, i still love this bag!

second item we purchased is this pair of shoes..

i call this pair, “oxfords with a twist”! :) we bought this at tonic. i have been eying these shoes since i bought my pill platforms (which i might show you guys in another blog post). i was originally a size 6 (too small for my height) so when we asked for my size the sales assistant told us that the smallest size available is a size 7. having my hopes up i tried it because i figured that since its a pointy shoe a size 7 might as well do and fit me perfectly. voila! its a perfect fit! so, no more thinking it over, we took this pair and went straight to the counter!

you guys might say that i am a very spoiled girlfriend, i am definitely not. i don’t make him buy stuff for me all the time. and just to prove you wrong, the next blog post will be my turn of gift-giving. watch out for it.. ♥♥



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