nailed it!

MM and I had a reservation last April 27 at the Nail It! nail salon situated near Fridays in Glorietta 3. we chose their package 1 deal (mani/pedi and footspa) for P550. too bad mm was not able to have his nails done because he was running on some pretty important errands (wicked smile). well, moving on, i like the staff that handled my delicate hands and feet (:?) the staff are very friendly and they even put up to my boyfriend’s “ka-cornihan”. what i also loved about this nail salon is that the shades of violet as their motif relaxes my eyes and the lounge chairs are comfortable. i even ate inside the salon! teehee.. :D plus they use Orly Nail Polish, and did use a blower for my nails! i enjoyed my first time here and i am definitely coming back!

Nail It! (Glorietta 3)

violet! :)

by the way if you are interested to try their service, i posted their pricelist below :)



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