step by step

i orginally wanted to do a “how-to-do” make up post, but unfortunately i don’t have the time to do it. so as an alternative i’ll just give you my own steps on how i do my daily make-up and also the products that i use. here it goes!

first, make sure you start with a clean slate. washing your face before putting on make-up would definitely bring a perfect result. i just wash my face with ordinary soap and water, that maybe is too tacky, but in all honesty, i don’t have any beauty regimen. so moving on the first product that i apply would be my ever bilena mousse concealer in beige.

i have been using this product for almost 2 years now and i’m still loving it. from all the other concealers that used, this one really is the most effective. it hides my dark circles and conceals my pimples (in case of break outs) effectively. too bad ever bilena stopped manufacturing this already. (sad) so now, i am on my quest on finding a concealer that would suit my taste!

next step is applying liquid foundation. i am currently using Rimmel’s lasting finish 25 hour foundation in soft beige.

i really like this liquid foundation because it gives full coverage, from what the label says, its long lasting! just squeeze a small amount on your finger then dab dots across your face and spread evenly. don’t forget to apply foundation to your neck as well, you don’t want your face to look like you dived into a basin of powder, don’t you? :p since its summer and i am newly tanned, the shade that i am using is lighter from than my complexion now, but there is this thing that i do to make it all good :). the only downfall here is that i can’t find any distributor of rimmel here in the ph. so onto the quest of finding a new foundation!!

next up is applying powder so that the liquid foundation settles on your face. i use ever bilena powder foundation in oriental or cover girl tru blend minerals loose powder.

i use the ever bilena powder foundation most of the time because of its matte finish. its ease of application using a brush or even the applicator that comes with it is just effortless. i love its smooth finish when it is applied after the foundation. i told you before that the liquid foundation that i am using is lighter than my current complexion, using this powder in oriental actually fixes it up. there is also another thing that i do but i will tell it to you guys later. i seldom use the cover girl tru blend minerals powder since it is lighter and it has shimmer in it. i only use it when i go to clubs or i go out at night. :)

after prepping my face, its now time to go on with the details!

i always start with my eyes, and first would be my eyebrows, btw i just had mine threaded at lay bare, anyway, moving on i shape and contour my eyes using elf brow kit.

i love using this brow kit because the shade makes touched eyebrows look natural. apply the cream base first, line and arch your eyebrows and then apply the powder for a more natural finish!

next would be lining my eyes using maybelline line stiletto ultimate precision liquid eyeliner

just a quick tip. line your eyes thinly from the ducts gradually thickening it when your reach the outer end of the eye. when you want to wing your eyeliner, follow the curve of your lower lash line to do the perfect wing :D

in some instances i tight-line my eyes just to have more coverage. i notice that when i line my eyes, some parts near the lashes aren’t covered and it doesn’t look good when u have those gaps in your eyeliner. so tight-lining would be the best solution. any eyeliner would do, just match the color of your liquid and pencil liners. :)

now for the mascara. i use Lancome Hypnose Mascara.

i super duper love this mascara! with its subtle texture, it enables you to build your lashes over and over, without smearing, smudging or clumping. it makes your eyelashes longer and thicker! no need for falsies or have eyelash extensions done to yourself. its a bit pricy though, but its all worth it.

i don’t wear any eyeshadow on a daily basis. i find it exaggerating if i wear it daily.

so onto the rest of my face. to even out the color of  my face from the complexion that i have now, using a bronzing powder or by simply contouring my face. right now i use elf contour blush kit.

here’s how i do it. :)

the shaded portion is where u want to contour your face. by contouring, it slim down your face, maybe slashing a few pounds on how you really weigh! hehe..

and for the blush i use is the nichido blush in the shade of tomato.

just follow the contours of your cheekbones and glide through it. make sure that you apply just the enough blush that you need. you don’t want to look like you have just been slapped in the face. :p

i don’t wear lipstick most of the time i just lay my lips bare.. :D

now is how i would look at the end.. :D

sorry for the low quality picture.. :D

anyway, hit me up if you have any questions!



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