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In life there would always be choices that we have to make. It is an endless decision-making because those choices come up with sub-choices (I just wish you follow). First you have to decide if you’re going to tell the truth or lie. Next, you will think the effect on you if you lie or tell the truth; will it benefit you? Will it make or break relationships, will it cut some slack, and so on. There’s a lot of clichés about this, “the truth will set you free..” Thinking about it, does it really? Combine it with “truth hurts” well, go figure. Will the truth set someone free if the truth will hurt your or someone elses feelings? Will you feel ok knowing that telling the truth could cause a drastic change? What is more worth it? Hurt someone for telling the truth, or lie to make someone feel better? People lie all the time, and seldom tells the truth. How ironic..


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