the DIY..soon

i have seen a lot of great accessories that are soo fashionable lately. chunky bracelets, layered, collar, bib necklaces, detachable collars and so many other stuff. this accessory (that i might be “DIY-ing” soon is, i can say somewhat not used by many and really is not obsolete. THE BODY CHAIN.

i first saw this accessory being worn by who else but the trendsetter herself, none other than Rihanna, and she really pulled it off!

when i first saw it on her, i told myself that i would get one too! too bad i’m too lazy to hunt for accessories, but then.. ding! why not do it myself? i found some inspirations on the internet too! :)

now all i need is to buy the materials and the tools that i would need in order to make this project a go! i am thinking of “DIY-ing” all my accessories..soon! anyway wish me luck for this project to turn into a success!!!



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