this post is dedicated to my best girl.. CHARM GARCIA..

we have been friends for 3 years, we have been through a lot of things. we quarreled, we cried, laughed together, shared our problems, did crazy things and never misses out on “things”. she had always been there whenever i have something going on. we are very open to each other. i learned a lot from her, i hoped she did too from me. right now, i am feeling a little sad because she has gone out of the country and will be back after a while, and soon it will be permanent. i know that this decision of her will truly make her happy, and i am happy for her too. i believe that she deserves to be with someone that would truly love and support her, after all the tough times she went through, this just felt so right. i wish her all the happiness and love that she needs. even though she’s away, the distance won’t be a hindrance to our friendship. we will always be the “dynamic duos” that was known at the company. i will just miss her so much. the craziness that we had is beyond explanation.. hahaha.. anuway.. i love you chai.. take care always.. :)











goodluck with everything chai. may god bless you in all the decisions you’ll make. i will always be here for you. take care always! ♥♥♥


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