a glide through the rainbow

june 1, 2012. i have two versions of this outfit post, the shoes in particular. since the first venue of our night out would be a sports bar (Cable Car), i wore flats or more specifically, my oxfords to be more comfortable and move with ease. :)

| sheer white polo: forever21 | shorts: forever21 | oxfords: tonic | necklace: personalized by tezz calvo |

notice that my outfit is all forever 21? hahaha! what can i say? i am a forever 21 girl! also, if you look into my “fashion history” my choice of outfits is more on monochrome, more black and whites and the greys all the time. i thought of changing that trend, and now i am slowly adding up vibrant colors into my wardrobe! that’s a huge leap for a monochromatic girl like me.. :D

and as always, i do my own make up. decided for a bronzy-smokey-rushed eyes! haha.. anyway, i think i used the maybeline color studio palette on this one.. :)

i mentioned that i have 2 versions of this outfit right? change the shoes and looked so different! :) taking things in particular, many or should i say, men wonder why girls love high heels. simple, it makes a girl look sexy! i really don’t consider myself as a bombshell but i feel sexy when i wear heels. :) plus, legs look longer on high heels. ;)

|weaved tribal pumps: syrup from people are people |

if there is one thing that i am most proud of my body; calling it as my greatest asset, it would be my legs. hahaha! call me whatever but i am really proud of them. even though i gained hella lot of weight, it still looked good! hehe.. :Dthese are all taken at 7th High, Bonifacio High Street.



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