The crazies!!!

Me and my friends, and of course the boyfriend wanted to have fun before school starts. It is also our own version of ending the summer since the 1st of june signaled the start of the rainy season when the storm “AMBO” entered the PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility). We planned on spending time first at Cable Car located along Pasay Road in Makati, and then, continue the fun at 7th High in Bonifacio High Street. We had a night of jokes and laughs! what a fun night. :) Not only that, a day won’t be complete in our barkada without any mishaps going on. hahah!! anyway, all’s well that ends well.. :) im sharing some of our moments.. hihi.. :)

guess who won?? of course!!! MEEEEEE!!! :D

me and my girls! :)

there may have been mishaps and drama, but it didn’t stop us from having fun! given the fact that its raining all night? the hell, we still had a blast!



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