a ‘lil something something..

its random gift giving time again! i just want to show you guys what i gave my beloved half after the strolling and shopping that i did. a little something something to repay him for everything, anyway he’s been eyeing to get one anyway.. :)

I am not knowledgable with this type of things but i will try my very best to at least give a brief description on this one.. :) and btw this is the actual game that i bought him..! :)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a video game published by Ubisoft and was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles last May 22, 2012. Excluding expansions, it is the fifth installment in the Ghost Recon series, and was announced to be in development by Ubisoft on January 22, 2009. The game has a futuristic take on the Ghost Recon series. Future Soldier is the first game in the series since the original Ghost Recon to receive a Mature rating and has a much darker tone than previous games.

Well upon asking my boyfriend on how good the game is, this is his response..

“mami sorry hindi ako nagising ng maaga kasi naglaro ako agad pag uwi ko sa bahay, 6am na ako nakatulog..” :))

I read some not-so-good reviews on this game, but what the heck! What’s important is that he absolutely enjoyed this one! Aside from NBA games, he really loves playing combat/warfare/everything-that-involves-guns kinda games..

I am just glad I made him smile for this one!



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