cause and effect

i just want to share to you guys the things that interests me these past few days. make-up, nails and hair are the three things that really caught my interest. if you have been reading my blog, i have posted some of the things i came up with due to boredom.. hehe.. anyway, this is the third installment of my boredom effects! :)

i experimented with my own hair and tried to make a french braid starting from the side of my head, crossing the back of my head going to the other side. this is not the typical french braid because i only took hair from the bottom part and just twisted the top. after finishing the braid (continuing the braid to the tips of my hair) i made a side bun. whew! that was a lot. its really tiring when you do these things on yourself. you will definitely strain your arms while doing this! anyway, i still liked what i came up with.. :)

hmmmmn.. this style would be perfect on special occassions! :)


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