again and again and again……

Lately,  I have been fond of doing more DIY projects. I have been reading a lot of DIY blogs and so to say, I got inspired and I wanted to do it too! A lot of things have caught my interest, dressmaking, accessories, even home improvements! Since classes will be starting tomorrow (June 14th) I fear that I wouldn’t find time in doing these new found interests. :( Hopefully, I will get to continue doing this besides school and work and all that.

Remember this photo from this blog?

the necklace that I wore that day was actually my own DIY necklace. I recycled an old necklace and this is what I came up! but it wasn’t done yet. I noticed that it lacked “spark” and it just blend from the clothes that i have since I always wear black and greys. Let’s just say that I pimped it a little bit. Here’s the result! :D

it looked so bohemian with the colors that i used!

chevron-ish design though.. :)

Want to know what material I used for this? NAIL POLISH! hahaha!! I know its a bit messy when you look at it closely, but for me it looked pretty good. :) One successful project indeed! ♥



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