first monday

and the classes start once again! i am happy that i am already a third year student! yes! even though i am an irregular student, a few more years then i would be getting a bachelor’s degree diploma again. also, i might hit two birds in one stone too!!!!! (excited) =))

every monday is a corporate day look for the students of feu-makati. they should don a business attire or something similar to class. this is my version of the business attire.. teehee..

| top and inner garment: my closet | skirt: forever 21 | belt: YRYS | blazer: tomato |

a typical business attire would commonly have greys and blacks in it, more monotonous in nature. every time its “corpo-day” at school, i always give it a little kick by adding more colors. :)

| shoes: Charles & Keith |

and again, showcasing my DIY creation!

amidst the busy schedule that mainly consists of work and school, i am actually having fun. I actually felt that i would be doing great this semester! hoping i wont be touched by my laziness! have a great day guys! :)


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