purplish skies..


the gloomy weather and the dark sky inspired me to do my makeup look for our movie date.. it even matched my outfit.. :)

this is more like a trial and error make up look for me. I uses purple eyeshadow as the base, Instead of using a dark eyeshadow, i just used my black eyeliner at the outer V’s of my eyes, smudged it and blended it well. i put a combination of black and purple eyeshadow for my lower lash line. finishing it of with a liquid eyeliner, mascara and lining my waterline with black eyeliner. and oh! before i forgot i put on a silver shimmering eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eye to brighten it up. Its just like the saying “every dark cloud has a silver lining” hahaha! then on to my foundation, blush, contour and lip routines!

So here’s what i wore!

| basic tee: herbench | cropped trousers: SM Classics | oxfords: Tonic |

since its the rainy season again, i feel like i am going back to wearing more monochromatic colors again, but the weather wont stop me from wearing nice and colorful accessories that would brighten up any monochromatic look! :)

| collar necklace: chic habit |

feeling stolen shot!!! hahaha!!




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