I’m Shoe In Love



Last June 30, we went to the “I’m Shoe In Love” Bazaar at the NBC Tent at The Fort. It was really raining that day but it didn’t stop us from going to that shoe sale! Who would dare miss this event?? Especially to all the girls who loves pretty shoes and has an eye for a bargain. (ME!!!)

I bought 3 items, a clutch, and 2 pairs of shoes!

I am recently having an eye on printed stuff, may it be floral, tribal, retro, or anything that would literally have a splash of color. I purchased this fringed tribal clutch from tonic and you can check it out from this blog post here.

On to my next purchase! teehee.. I bought this booties  from Gifts Ahoy because the “little miss piggy” urged me to.. (not forcibly though :D) The reason maybe why i bought these babies is because I have been looking for booties. And did i mention that its on sale?? :D

my apologies for the not so good photo.. i just used my phone on this one :D

And the last one, the fold-able gold ballerina flats from frollic. These flats are a steal! 2pairs for P250? who would resist them?! Actually,  me and Marian bought a pair each so that’s only P125 per pair!! I bought these fold-ables because they really come in handy when you get tired wearing your heels all day. Plus, they only take a small amount of space. It could fit even inside a clutch, but i would advise you guys to bring an eco-bag where u can keep your heels too! Check it out from this blog.

my purchases! :)

after a long day of surveying the event for great finds, our feet led us to Bonchon to feed our hungry stomach. Just a few steps away and voila! This branch is not like the other branches that I have been since they are not that full, and we got a seat instantly. Afterwards, we craved for dessert, we opted to go to Serendra and eat at Sonja’s Cupcakes. We all ordered red velvet cupcakes! :)

it’s hard to resist!!

the little miss piggy enjoying her cupcake and hugging her purchase! haha!

daddy love!!!

have a great day everyone! :)







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