for a rainy day

Summer is over, and now thee Philippines is  experiencing the rainy season. Two tropical storms has now struck the country and we are anticipating more. Now just to be prepared, I just want to share to you guys my tips on how to be healthy and also at the same  time be fashionable.

1.Clean your surroundings! I believe that a clean environment would actually be the key on staying healthy this season. It would prevent the mosquitoes from multiplying, plus eliminating other elements that will bring you harm. :)
2.Load up on healthy food and supplements of vitamin C. Getting sick is the worst feeling ever. You are so vulnerable and helpless. Aside from that, you won’t be able to properly finish any work!
3. Make sure you have the proper “rain hardware”. Umbrellas should never ever leave your bags. It will protect you from getting soaking wet in the rain shower. Although, if you’re planning something eccentric or romantic in the rain, you can ditch this one of course.. (hehehe..)
4. Don’t forget to apply insect repellant.The rainy season is the perfect time for mosquitoes to breed, especially to those that carry the dengue virus. I was a victim of this. I had Stage 3 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever last 2009 just 2 weeks after my appendectomy surgery (imagine that!) and I am telling you guys, what I felt when I had dengue is far more worse than when I had a surgery. So, lets all be cautious!
and for the outfit, I recommend this one I made here.


for a rainy day
a. colorful sweater- I for one hate the rain. I don’t want to feel its drizzling on my skin. I don’t know why it irritates me but, yeah it does. For me, a colorful or at least a bright colored one can instantly make you stand out in this kind of weather. When every thing turns into grey, a pop of color should brighten everyone’s eyes and even so, the mood! Keeps you warm too!
b. leggings- I prefer wearing this liquid leggings because they don’t get heavy when they get wet. As much as possible, I avoid wearing jeans because they tend to soak up a lot of water it gets too heavy and a complete hassle.
c. footwear- you can choose from the footwear that is shown above. I prefer wearing boots or even kicks because I don’t want to get my feet dirty and muddy. (one of the many reasons why I hate it when it rains) Anyway I always make sure that I bring flip flops or a pair of sandals (like the one shown above) just in case the situations gets worse. f-l-o-o-d!
d. bag- a medium sized sling-slash-handbag would do! as long as your essentials would all fit in. I don’t normally carry small bags because i have a lot of stuff to bring everyday so a small bag won’t do. I prefer it to be a sling bag as well. So just in case it really poured, I have both my hands to work my way through. (i hope you get my point. hahaha!)
e. accessories- minimal accessories! just a pair of stud earrings would be enough for me. Well, the watch is already given. I am one of those people who feels “naked” without their watch. hehe..
I hope that these tips could really help you guys! Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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