hi everyone! how’s your day going so far? :)

anyway, this post will show you how i managed to create 3 looks with the same face makeup. I noticed that just by changing the lip color also creates a different effect or mood. You can be sweet, classy and seductive. :)

Basically, I opted for a slightly smokey look. Just applied a subtle amount of black eyeliner to create the base and the smokey effect and patted on a matte brown to complete the look. So, for the first look: the seductive one

In this look, I used a dark red lippy (NYX in dark cherry). I believe red shades of lip color can bring out an oozing amount of sexiness in any woman, making her look very seductive, yet classy. I thought I kind of looked like Jessica Rabbit on the first photo.. hahaha!

Ok, enough of that, i feel ashamed already..haha! Onto the next look shall we??

I applied a matte nude lippy on this one (Ever Bilena in Mauvey) and I believe that the mood or the effect has transitioned from being seductive to being very classy and subtle. Applying a nude shade of lip color tones down the effect of a dark eye make up. It balances the look.

The last look is somewhat what I call the “sweet 16” look. :D

I applied Aido lipstick in pink (the lippy name not specified). In this look, I believe I created a more younger version of me. haha. Well if you are wondering, I am already 25 years old. Well, basing it on this look, did it justify my observations? hahaha..! :D

It really would depend on you on how you want it done. If you’re not used on putting heavy make-up or dark hues, you can just skip the eyeshadow, line your eyes and put on a more natural looking lip color. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not put on a bright colored lipstick?

Which one of these looks did you like the most? :)


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