the one and only fashion editor

and i am back!!! i haven’t posted anything lately due to the very bad weather that struck the philippines. i do hope that everyone would help us pray for the continuous recovery of our country. (thank you guys!)

now for my comeback let me show you the trailer of “The Eye has to Travel”, a documentary of Vogue’s fashion editor and branded herself  as “The one and only Fashion Editor”, Diana Vreeland. Let me share to you guys the trailer of the documentary. :)

she is the original devil that wears prada; the former U.S. Vogue editor, where she held tenure from 1962-1972. she was Jackie Kennedy’s adviser, discovered twiggy and a lot more. i can say that she revolutionized the fashion industry and according to angelica houston, she made it ok for women to be outlandish and extraordinary.

i really hope that i would get to watch this documentary. it is not enough to be inspired by the people who look good, i would rather be inspired by the people who molded them.

have a good day guys! ♥



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