Posted in September 2012

SAVE ME FROM YOU (090512)©

now this one is while i was at work, cramming through math of  investment and polishing my research goes.. :) I. sway my thoughts, draw me into character fill my needs, though insatiable bewilder me through the dusk i cry for joy, lest i speak pain II. i drown into the unknown hasting into … Continue reading

REDBOX (090512)©

made this while we are actually having our team building @ redbox greenbelt3. talk about serenity and peacefulness.. hahaha!! anyway, i just have to write this down along with the smashing sounds of the speakers, together with the singing and unmasked laughter.. :) so, here it goes.. i hope you like it.. :) I. my … Continue reading

been through hell and on the way back

i haven’t posted for quite sometime now. well, as what the title has said.. i have been burning my eyebrows at school, struggling to make time for my personal life and definitely for my “me-time”.. i think i have made a lot of productive things as of the moment.. polished a part in my research … Continue reading