been through hell and on the way back

i haven’t posted for quite sometime now. well, as what the title has said.. i have been burning my eyebrows at school, struggling to make time for my personal life and definitely for my “me-time”..

i think i have made a lot of productive things as of the moment.. polished a part in my research paper, did a 32-slide powerpoint presentation, all specifics (arte/design) included, finished the Shades of Grey Trilogy, squeezed every ounce of my mathematical prowess during that math of investment exam and a lot more..

the thing that i am most proud of is getting back to my literary self.. through the times that i have been utterly silent in this blog, i did all those and managed to make two poems, and maybe hopefully, with the help of my musically inclined friends at school, turn it into a great song.

of course, i had it read by some of the people that i know or rather, believe to appreciate this rare work of mine.. i can say that i am all pride in this one.. i will be sharing them here..definitely on another post. :)

never the less, i wont stop making outfit posts, since fashion is still one of my passion or as i say it “whim”.. especially now with my newly overhauled look..!! watch out for it! ♥





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