hey guys.. i am back from hell.. haha!! anyway, schools temporarily over for me, so i got time catching up now and updating my blog.. (yey me!!)

let’s do a quick post shall we? :D

tadaaaaaa!!! there goes my new do!! a lot of people was shocked when i decided to cut my hair this short! they’re all used to seeing me having long hair. well i got bored so  this is what i did! :D

(my hair already grew a couple of centimeters in here)

mixing the two latest trend as to date: neons and spikes!

this shirt is actually a fringed bottom dress, i decided to make it a distressed shirt. talk about me getting bored all the time..haha!!

the bag is actually a peace offering from the errant boyfriend.

note: i am not materialistic :D

| shirt: DIY | shorts: closet | bag: Landmark | shoes: Tonic | watch: Swatch Dreamwhite Rose | arm party: random online shops |

i think that the title of the blog is very apt with what i am wearing, spikes and distressed shirts. every one’s got to be careful around me.. haha..

lastly, let me just show my boyfriend’s “ASTIG”pose and a very happy picture of us.. teehee.. :D

who would have thought we’d last this long? ♥

thanks and have a great day guys!!



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