Hi guys! I know, I know I have been gone way too long. I don’t know what stopped me from posting here. I guess I got busy with the stuff that has been continously going on with my life.  Anyway, I will try and blog more often about anything or perhaps everything. *wink*

Let’s start with a style post shall we? (I am grinning and I don’t know why?)

Last November 10, my boyfriend and I went out to go on a date since we have been not seeing each other a lot lately. Our schedules really constraints the time we get to see each other. We decided to go out on two consecutive days. Here’s what I wore on the first day.


I love love love this outcome of my experiment!!! I actually made this romper from an old jumpsuit that I rarely use. Since it has a very low crotch, I need to make adjustments for it to fit nicely.


Since i have a “low crotch problem”, I traced the outline of a pair of shorts that i have and adjusted the length of my choice. Sewed it in and voila!!


romper: DIY, clutch: Abby Jocson, lion chain necklace: GH, shoes: Stradivarius

I will try and post another entry soon that will further explain the deets on this project. I will even try and post before and after photos when worn.

So, that’s it!! Hope you liked my comback post. :) Have a great day you!! :)


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