Date #2

And….. I am back once again. I’m sorry, I got pretty excited and busy preparing for a weekend getaway in Baler, Aurora. I am so thrilled for this trip, I forgot that I promised myself to be active in the blogging world again. Anyways, as what I have said in my previous post, my boyfriend and I spent 2 consecutive days dating since we don’t do it anymore like we used to. So, without further ado, here’s what I wore on the second day. :)


Here’s another showcase of my diy skills! :)
Well, I am not an expert on diy-ing but in times like this when I experiment and I loved the results, there’s no harm in being proud of it right? :)


The maxi skirt that I used here was in fact a dress that is one size bigger. This is actually the second time that I played with this one. The first time was i took the top part away, making it just a plain maxi skirt. The second time is when I adjusted the size, replaced the garter and made a slit on the side.



(Forever 21 top, DIY maxi skirt, Swatch Kronos)

Thanks for reading!! :



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